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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Selling, Trading and Consigning Items at The Clothes Library.

  1. You must be a member of The Clothes Library– To join please speak to the staff in store or join online through the website.  If you do not want to pay the joining fee, you can pay it out of the money that you comes from the sale of your clothes if you are putting items on consignment. You will charged the full joining fee if you choose to do it this way even if it is discounted at the time you choose to join. If you want to trade items or get cash on the spot then the staff member will let you know if what you have is suitable and what they would need to exchange to pay the joining fee.
  2. How the Pricing structure Works- Everything in The Clothes Library is priced so that it never costs more than 50% of the original purchase price. How we determine what we charge for an item is determined by a number of factors and what effects that price is firstly how much it is originally worth, secondly how much we pay for it and thirdly what it is being sold for at other places and online on eBay and gumtree and all the other consignment websites like the real real and vestiere. We try to make our prices so that you can’t get a better deal else where and if you could then postage will probably even it out. You can always ask if we can match the better price of an item and if we can we will.  We ask that when you bring clothes in for us that they are clean, undamaged, in near new condition and are not on the list of brands that we will not buy.  If you are wondering if it is something that we need, take a photo of it and send it to us and we will let you know. We need to ask for you to understand that anything that isn’t something amazing, we normally can’t sell for more than $20 or $30 regardless of how much you paid for it. How you can guess what we will be able to give you for your clothes if you want to sell them on the spot for cash is if you half what you originally paid for it and then it is around 25% of half of what you paid or 1/4 of what we think we can sell it for. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but its better than nothing. If you have a bunch of stuff that you want to sell as a bulk lot you can tell me what you want for it and if its an offer I can’t refuse I won’t but if I could get what you are selling me cheaper else where it wouldn’t make sense for me to buy it off you because then it will mean my prices would need to go up or I will go out of business. If you want to trade your clothes for store credit you get 50%of what I think I can sell it for to spend in store or on your monthly subscription if you have one. You can choose to get it as a gift certificate if you want to gift it to someone else. 
  3. The Clothes  Library is under no obligation to buy your clothes off you if they are not what we need. You have preference if you are a member but if we don’t think the the clothes will sell very well then we may choose not to purchase them off you. If it is anything that we can sell for more than $10 then we can’t buy it off you because by the time I  take out eftpos charges, tax, rent and wages or if it is sold in a 3 for $20 deal it actually ends up costing me money to sell your clothes. If you choose to donate items to us we usually put them on a special rack for a week and then put them in the free to good home box for people to take.  What we recommend is that instead of bringing a whole big suitcase of stuff you want to sell individually on consignment. You choose your top ten and bring them in, If they are suitable and we can do something with them, we will. What we are looking for is either amazing vintage pieces or preloved high end designer items. We are not a hock shop and we do not want people trying to sell us stolen goods. If there is no proof of authenticity and there is any chance it may be then we will need you to take it to where you got it from to give you something that guarantees that it is authentic. I don’t want to take the risk of selling items as real when they are not. Please don’t bring a high end item in and expect us to buy it on the spot without checking in advance if we are in the financial position to do so. Please don’t get offended if we say that what you have isn’t what we are looking for. We will always try our best to do something for you but at the moment as a new business we need to have more customers than we need people wanting to sell clothes to us. Obviously as the business grows we will need more stock and will be able to buy more off our members that are willing to sell them to us at competitive prices. If you bring in a whole heap  of summer clothes in the middle of winter, we can’t really do much with them for 6 months and we only have limited storage and the same as winter clothes in the summer. Please be practical and please stop and have a think about the bigger picture and what it is we are actually achieving. I ask you to not focus too much on how much money you are getting  or if you could get way more if you sold it yourself because I encourage you to sell things yourself just so you can see its not as easy as you may think


The items that we will accept to put on consignment need to be designer labels that are currently on trend. They will have no signs of visible wear, no stains, no holes, rips or tears and no missing buttons or broken zippers. They will be items that will be able to be sold for more than $100 in store.
Vintage items that are still in excellent vintage condition will be accepted also if they are undamaged and not worn out.


There is a difference between vintage and just old. We cant sell old clothing. If you are getting rid of it because you have worn it to death then we won’t be able to sell it to someone else. If you are getting rid of it because you wore it once and it doesn’t fit you anymore or you have no occasion to wear it to again then bring it in, if you ordered something off the internet and it didn’t fit and you forgot to send it back then bring it in for us to have a look at.

For items to be sold on consignment they need to be a little bit special, not just everyday wear. It needs to be the sort of thing that not everyone has in their wardrobe already and needs to be something people want to wear for a special event.

When you bring us stuff to put on consignment there is a limit of 10 items at a time. You need to make an appointment to come in and go through the prices and get you to sign the form saying you understand the terms and conditions.

When you bring the clothes to us we will let you know the price we will list them for. We will let you know that if you want us to sell the clothes for you that it might not be the original price that the item was listed for that it sells for. If we have a sale then the item will be included in the sale and you will receive your percentage of what the item sold for, not the percentage of the original listed price. If you have a certain amount that you don’t want to us to go below then its best to let us know so that we can remove it from the floor when the sale is on or take it down from the website.
Your item will spend a month on the floor at the original listed price and then it will be discounted by 20% if it has not sold within the month. After a month with it discounted by 20% if it doesn’t sell then it will further be reduced to 50% off and after 3 months of it being on the floor and it not selling you will be responsible for coming to pick it up from us. We will hold onto them for 2 weeks out the back for you and if we don’t hear anything from you they will end up on the shelf at price we can sell them at so that we don’t have dead stock lying around.
In the time that we have your garments we will do whatever we can to sell them for you so that you get the maximum amount of money. We just need you to understand that sometimes things just wont sell, especially if they are priced to high. We take no responsibility for the garment if you choose to leave it with us. If it gets damaged when someone is trying it on or if it gets stolen we are not liable for the item. I don’t believe that anything has been stolen from the shop and it certainly is not a problem, it is just something that legally needs to be clarified.
If you change your mind and decide that you no longer want to sell your items there is a $15 admin fee per item. This pays for the time it has taken to photograph and list the items online and for the time spent to do this.
I do ask that if you choose to consign your clothes at the clothes library that you understand the reasons why I started the business and its not about the clothes or trying to sell things for as much as I can, it is about extending the life of a garment to reduce waste and pollution, it is about making it affordable for everyone that wants to shop there and it is about encouraging people to be a bit more conscious about what they are consuming and to shop secondhand whenever possible. There are other consignment stores that might be able to sell your items at a better price and if that ultimately is what you are after then I do recommend you try them first or try selling your items yourself first so you don’t have to split the money with anyone. If you find it hard to sell them anywhere or cant be bothered with all the work then please bring them into the clothes library and we will do our best but I can’t guarantee that you will get as much as you would other places.

What we pay.

Any item that sells for less than $300 it is a 50/50 split.

If the item sells for between $300 & $750it is a 55/45 (you get 55%)

If the item sells for over $750 its a 60/40 split.

Anything over $1500 dollars is a 65/35 split

Please be aware of the fact that the clothes library doesn’t sell anything for more than 50% of its original rrp so please don’t ask to sell your items with us if want more than we can offer you.

How much does it cost?

There is a one off joining fee of $100.  You can pay this in store or online by purchasing a membership in our store.

If you choose to go on a monthly plan it will cost you between $50-$100 a month that is paid by direct debit. There is no lock in contract and if you decide you want to cancel your monthly plan you will still recieve all the other membership benefits that we offer.

As a member, if you refer other people that join up as a member themselves we reward you with a $15 credit or $10 cash.