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Membership Options

Membership Benefits

As a member of the clothes library you will recieve a 10% discount off everything that is in store except the items that are on consgnment. You can choose one of our monthly plans to go on which means you can take 4-6 items of clothes at a time and swap them over for new items whenever you please and only pay one low monthly fee by direct debit. If you decide you would like to purchase something you have borrowed you get an extra 10%off the purchase price.

Our members are also able to bring their clothes in from home that they dont wear to either trade them for in-store credits or cash on the spot or we can sell them for them on consignment. Please read the T&C’s to make sure what you want to trade is something we accept.

How much does it cost?

There is a one off joining fee of $100.  You can pay this in store or online by purchasing a membership in our store.

If you choose to go on a monthly plan it will cost you between $50-$100 a month that is paid by direct debit. There is no lock in contract and if you decide you want to cancel your monthly plan you will still recieve all the other membership benefits that we offer.

As a member, if you refer other people that join up as a member themselves we reward you with a $15 credit or $10 cash.

How to Join

Joining is easy.  If you are going to go on a monthly plan we ask that you fill out the membership application form as accurately as you can. This wil take about 15 mins and you will need a tape measure… cliclk here for membership application form

If you dont want to go on a plan and just want to become a member to recieve the discount and be able to sell your own clothes you can do it in store with one of our team members or you can purchase your membership online in our store… Click here to join

Selling/Trading Your Own Clothes

Members Only

Being able to sell or trade your own clothes at the clothes library is one of the main benefits of becoming a member of the clothes library.  We offer it exclusively to members because we want to be loyal to the people that support us.  Because we are such a new business, we are still trialling what works best for everyone. If you have any feedback on what would make your experience with the clothes library better please email us your suggestions.

What We Accept

Our customers want on-trend, in-style, designer label items and classic vintage pieces that are still in excellent condition. If the garment has visible signs or wear or just looks old not vintage, we will not be able to use it.  We will only trade you cash or store credits for items that we can use.  If you bring items in that are not suitable to use we donate them to the local homeless people.

Details matter! If it’s missing a button, has a tiny tear or the zipper’s broken, we can’t take it. It pays to make sure your items are in great shape. Please read the list of brands we dont trade and the guidelines of what is acceptable


The Clothes Library stocks mens clothes as well as womens. There is quite a good selection of t-shirts, business shirts, suits, pants, shorts,  jackets, jumpers and shoes. We are always looking for new items so if you have anything you dont wear anymore bring it in and we can sell it for you.* (conditions apply)

Popular Outfits

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Experiment with Your  Style

If you are sick of always wearing the same thing and feel like it is time to try different colours and styles of clothes that you wouldnt normally wear you can use the clothes library to try before you buy and if you dont like what you choose or it doesnt suit you, you just bring it back and swap it

Shop the Sale

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New Summer line

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Bussiness Casual

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Daisey Dress by Kaja Clothing
JAG Freedom Embroidered Blouse
Lyle Vintage Leather Holdall
Gabardine Trousers by Sherman

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