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Welcome and thank you for choosing to become a member at The Clothes Library. As a member you are entitled to go on one of the monthly subscription plans. The plans start at as low as $50p/m and for that you are entitled to borrow and return clothes as you would with books from a normal library. There is no time limit on how long you keep the items you have chosen for which means you can keep them for as long as you want or you can swap them as often as you please.. Please read the terms and conditions for information in regards to membership cancellations, damaged or lost garments, postage and laundry fees. Members receive a 10% discount on all items we have in stock and if they purchase something they are borrowing they receive a further 10% off that item. If you only want to borrow items when you have special occasions to attend and don’t want to go on a monthly plan, you will still need to be a member to do that unless you are happy to leave the full purchase price and receive a refund of the difference when the items are returned clean, in good condition and on time.

To assure you get the maximum benefits from our service, we ask you to fill out the membership application form as accurately as you can and providing us with any information that is relevant. The more information we have about what your preferences are means that when we are buying new stock we can look specifically for items we think you might like or that might suit your style. If you have anything in particular that you are looking for please put that in the notes sections so that we can do our best to source it for you. If you have any favourite brands or designers you like please also list them so we know to buy their stuff if we see it. Please be quite specific with your answers. All information provided is confidential and won’t be used for anything else other than to make sure we have clothes to suit your needs.
If you are not sure of your exact size or you are a size 10 for example but can fit a size 8 then please put size 10 S if you are a size 10 but sometimes need a size 12 then put 10 M. Sizing seems to differ quite a lot in different brands and if you are choosing to have items posted to you, please choose brands that you know your exact size for so its not a waste of your money if you receive something that doesn’t fit.
If there is any additional information that you think we should know that can sometimes be an issue when you buy clothes please provide us with that information (for example – short dresses are usually like t-shirts on you because you are tall and you won’t wear them or you only wear dresses that have a bit of stretch in the fabric because you feel uncomfortable in anything to structured or you wear a size 10 in pants but you need to get them taken up because they are generally too long for you etc).

Sizing guide XS=6/8 S=8/10 M=10/12 L=12/14 XL=14/16

Become a member

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  • Measuring Guide

  • Body shapes explained

  • Different styles of pants

  • Do you wear printed fabric? If yes please select what sort and if its more than one please mark other and put all that apply in the space provided. Select all that apply.