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About Us

My name is Sarah Freeman and I am the founder of The clothes Library.
I came up with the concept of ‘The Clothes Library’ to provide people with an alternative option to buying fast fashion. Lately, there has been alot of coverage in the media about the negative impact the fashion industry is having on the environment.
What I found though is that with all the conversations being had about the damage, there wasnt as many people talking about what they could do about it.  Instead of focussing on the problem, I wanted to encourage everyone to be part of the solution. I know that most people arent going to buy an outfit to save the planet, they will buy it because they look good in it & feel good.
Most people choose fast fashion because it is affordable and convenient but mainly because they dont know anything else.  I am hoping people who are trying to be bit more conscious about the choices they make when it comes to fashion will use the library because it could potentially revolutionise the way we shop for clothes in general.

Sourced second hand for sustainability

All of the clothes and accessories in the clothes Library are sourced second hand from our members trading their own clothes, local op-shops, etsy, garage sales, ebay and  gumtree.

We dont purchase anything new from any multi national companies that manufacture fast fashion but sometimes we do feature local designers ethical brands. This is just to help give our local brands that are trying to get established some recognition.  If you are a local designer and would like to collaborate with us in some way please get in touch.

Not just a 2nd hand clothes shop

At the clothes library, we arent just getting your old clothes and flipping them to makle a profit for ourselves.

We have designed our business model so that everyone who gets involved will benefit in some way.  We reward people that donate their clothes that we can use with store credits.  If we cant use what you donate in the library we give it to the local homeless people or we use it in our upcycling workshops where we teach peole how to make recycle shopping bags out of their old clothes to reduce the use of single use plastic bags.

We are looking into doing some workshops at our local schools to help educate the younger generation about not buying fast fashion.

Driving Industry Trends

We as the consumer have the power to make a difference.  If the demand for fast fashion decreases, the rate at which it is being produced at will have to follow.  It wouldn’t be logical to think that we will ever be able to put a stop to it but what we can all do is start acting like what we do makes a difference, because it does.

Individually it might not seem like we are making much of an impact either way, but collectively we can. If everybody just bought their next pair of jeans and a top 2nd hand the amount of pollution that is produced during the manufacturing process would decrease by up to 5%.

You might not think it matters if you buy that top from zara in your lunch break.  Next time you go to buy something, try asking yourself these questions before you get to the checkout… Do I really need this? How many times will i actually wear it? Have I got anythting to wear with it? Do I have anything similar already at home that I could wear instead? Could I buy it 2nd hand from somewhere? Is there a local business I could purchase something similar from?

Become an Ambassador for The Clothes Library

We are looking for 3 females and 2 male to be our ambassadors to help us grow the business. This would mean you get to borrow whatever you like from the clothes library whenever you like in exchange for you posting photos of your outfits and promoting the business through your social media platforms.  We are looking for people that are enthusiastic about vintage and pre-loved fashion and that dont mind getting their photo taken. It would be nice if you already have a good following on instagram and facebook that engages but it is not compulsary if you have a good social network in real life.  Anyone that you refer that signs up to become a member you will recieve $15 cash or $20 store voucher for the first 10 people each month then $20 cash or $25 store credit for the next 10 people and $25 cash or $30 store credit for every person you refer to sign up after that each month.  If you know alot of people that would be interested in joining the clothes library or are already and eco-fashion blogger then it could be a good little side hustle for you to make a bit of extra cash.   You can apply in person in store,  Just ask to speak to Sarah.
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