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The Clothes Library

Stocked with vintage and pre-loved designer label fashion for both men and women, The Clothes Library offers an eco-friendly alternative to buying fast fashion.

The Concept

It is a similar concept to a regular library except instead of books we loan out clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. All of the clothes in the library are for sale and can be bought either in store or online. We do short term rentals with a refundable deposit or if you want to be able to borrow clothes instead of buying them you can become a member and go on one of our monthly subscriptions. Members are able to sell their own clothes on consignment or trade them for store credits.

How It works…

Anyone can buy or rent clothes from the library without a membership.

Joining as a member means you can choose to go on a monthly plan and borrow clothes if you want to and it also means you have the option of selling or trading clothes that you already own.  


Anyone can purchase items from the clothes either online or in store. You dont need to be a member to purchase clothes but if you are you recieve a 10% sdiscount off all stock that isnt on consignment.

Rent (short term)

You dont need to be a member to do a short term rental. You just pay the purchase price and when you return the garment dry-cleaned and undamaged, you get up to 70% of your money refunded.


If you join as a member you can borrow 4-6 items at a time and swap them over as often as you want and only pay one monthly fee* of between $50-$100

*conditions apply


Exclusive to members only. If you have any clothes at home that you dont want anymore that are suitable for us to use, you can bring them and trade them for store credit. You will get around 40%of the sale price in credits


Exclusive to members. If you would like to recieve cash on the spot we can only offer around 20% of what the estimated sale price would be. If you would prefer to put you items on consignmement, you recieve  50 % of what the purchase ends up being. 


Again for members only, If you have any high end items that you want to sell and are happy to wait till it gets sold then you will recieve 50% for anything under $500, 60% for anything between $500-$1000 and 70%of anything over $1000


Benefits of becoming a member


Members recieve a 10% discount off everything in the store except the items that are on consignment. 

Our sales will be exclusively for our members. You will recieve invitations to any events that we put on and you will be notified about when our sales are on.

If you have clothes that are suitable for us to use in the library (please read what is suitable and what isnt because we dont want to offend people You have the option of going on a monthly plan so that you can borrow clothes and swap them over as often as you like. There is no lock in contract if you find it doesnt work for you, you can cancel at anytime. If you purchase anything that you have borrowed you recieve an extra 10% discount on that item.

Every person that you refer that joins as a member you recieve either $15 cash or $20 store credit.

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How to join

Fill out memership app form, pay joining fee and if you are going on a monthly plan fill out details for direct debit after choosing which plan you want to go on

New Mens Trends

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Whose been wearing what

If you have a photo of yourself in an outfit from the clothes library that you post on social media and tags us in, we will give you a gift voucher if you let us put it up on our website 🙂

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Twist Top from Privilege
Zodiac Satin Slip Dress
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Create Your Own Style

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New Summer line

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Bussiness Casual

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Gabardine Trousers by Sherman

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